Healthcare IT Staffing Solutions

Healthcare organizations simply can’t operate in the present world without a digital presence. Some best healthcare businesses use networked computers and health-related software to perform tasks and furnish patients with quick access to their test outcomes, medication, prescription information, and other significant information. These computers are even used to counsel remotely with other doctors.

This dependency on technology has limitlessly improved patient care, yet it has additionally dramatically expanded the importance of adequate healthcare network support staffing. Today’s businesses have a large number of healthcare solutions staffing needs. You may need help with a healthcare IT services professional for a single project, for example, setting up a new Electronic Health Records framework, or as a full-time worker to ensure there’s a minimum interruption of service should your healthcare network go down for any reason.

Whatever your healthcare IT staffing needs are, you must get those positions filled as soon as possible and by people who can do the job. Any deferral could mean a delay in patient care, which can disappoint your clients and hurt your reputation as well.

N2S Healthcare Solutions is the most logical decision when it comes to IT healthcare solutions. We’ve invested millions in a massive database to ensure that we can get you the exact professional you need, with the right work experience, professional goals and healthcare IT expertise to match the job for which you require them. If you work with us, you’ll never need to stress over approaching the best possible healthcare IT support staff.

Healthcare IT Staffing Solutions | Net2Source Healthcare IT Staffing Solutions

Our consultants bring skills, for example, EMR Build Engineer, Data Warehouse Analyst, Functional and Technical Analyst, Project Management, QA Specialist, HL7 integration needed to design, develop, deploy and support the EMR/EHR platform of your choice. Regardless, our specialists ensure your organization’s technology is working at peak performance. Obviously, we can assist you with picking the platform that is the best fir for your needs.

Healthcare IT Staffing Services

In addition to equipping you with the supreme healthcare IT staff for your business, we have various resources to assist you with carrying your infrastructure into the modern age. Successful healthcare businesses can use technological advancements like big data analytics, cloud computing, storage and digital record-keeping to enhance their effectiveness, but only if they have the right tools.

We can assist you with all aspects of your digital healthcare infrastructure, including setting up your network, converting your patient records to a successful Electronic Health Records system, incorporating cloud services and more. If necessary, we can also furnish you with long-term Healthcare IT support staff that understands your infrastructure to help keep it running at maximum productivity day after day.

Healthcare Applications Services

✔ Clinical System Transformation
✔ Cloud & SaaS Services
✔ Computerized Provider Order Entry
✔ EHR Meaningful Use Implementation
✔ EHR Privacy/Security
✔ Health Insurance Exchange (HIX)
✔ HIPAA 4010 to 5010 Conversion
✔ HIS/EMR Software Implementation
✔ ICD‐9 to ICD‐10 Conversion
✔ Imaging System Implementation
✔ Medicaid Information Systems (MMIS)
✔ Patient Access, Safety, and Quality
✔ Revenue Cycle Management
✔ System Implementation/Conversion

Healthcare Infrastructure Services

✔ Cloud & IaaS Services
✔ Data Center Consolidation
✔ Data Center Virtualization
✔ Desktop & Server Virtualization
✔ Disaster Recovery/Business
✔ Continuity
✔ Help Desk Services
✔ Information Security/Assurance
✔ Infrastructure Architecture
✔ Infrastructure Deployment
✔ Infrastructure Support
✔ Midrange & Mainframe Systems
✔ Project Management
✔ Storage Networks & Systems

We Are All About Your Success

N2S Healthcare Staffing has become the go-to choice for IT staffing for top businesses over the United States because of the result of our promise to our clients’ success. Our cutting-edge innovation, best-in-class talent delivery and better access to the best talent all demonstrate that we’ll stop at nothing to find the most ideal IT people for your healthcare organization.

We have a background marked by years of proven talent delivery success when it comes to staffing services and workforce solutions, and our expertise and resources are just growing. The time for you to take benefit of the services we can provide for you is now.